Tekelli Mah. 2.Karlık Sok. No:3 , Uçhisar / Nevşehir / Turkey
İkinci Küme Mevkii No:16, Çavuşin / Nevşehir / Turkey

Welcome to our restaurant,

As choosen the number one local food restaurant of Cappadocia for four years*, Saklı Konak Restaurant promises the guests more than a regular meal with its traditional delights and modern presentation. Our cook, Aunt Pembe, as being one of the most experienced and successful lady cooks in the region, prepares the meals in her traditional owen and wood fire cusine. Our dishes, especially the five hours cooked Pottery Kebab and Beans in Casserole are appreciated by our guests. We hope you enjoy your meal with our fresh and tasty starters, delicious local desserts, calm and sincere presentation. Good Apetite

*According to reliable guest reviews among all Cappadocian restaurants.