Tekelli Mah. 2.Karlık Sok. No:3 , Uçhisar / Nevşehir / Turkey
İkinci Küme Mevkii No:16, Çavuşin / Nevşehir / Turkey

Saklı Konak Restaurant

Our Story

Saklı Konak Cappadocia Hotel has opened the doors of its restaurant to the guests outside of the hotel after the feedbacks of hotel guests and the demand from the tourists for the local cuisine.

Our Restaurant as being located in a living part of the village, can reach the localy produced organic and delicious ingredients. Most of our dishes are cooked by Pembe Abla who is a very talented and reputed cook even featured in magazines and documentaries. The other local cooks Serpil and Imran are also very talented and experienced in kitchen. Our preferance of not to be Professional in the kitchen is just because we want you to experience real local food cooked by real locals. On the other hand, the service level and the waiters aproach to our guests represents a first class restaurant in a homey athmosphere. Our vision is to serve a total feast which caters taste, vision and senses at the same time.

As being ranked as the number one local food restaurant of the region for the last 6 years, not only we think we are on the right way, but also we are motivated to work harder to increase our guests happiness. With the continious support of our guests we have opened the Sakli Terrace and Saklı Konak Restaurant Çavuşin branches in order to meet more guests and maket hem happy.

We are looking forward to host you in our restaurants to write the story of Saklı Konak together.


Breakfast 8:30am - 12:00am


Lunch 2:00pm - 5:00pm


Dinner 5:00pm - 10:00pm